People want to gain access to transportation choices with as little friction and fragmentation as possible. Identity management, i.e. signing up for accounts, is a large source of both friction and fragmentation. Identity management should be simple and straightforward.

When creating an account with a new service provider, people should only be asked to provide essential information. This is for two primary reasons: User Experience and Privacy.

User experience

Signing up for a new account sometimes involves filling in a lengthy form. This can feel fatiguing, and may lead to abandonment of the sign-up process.

Since Mobility Services often span multiple Transportation Service Providers, we want to make identity management feel effortless across providers. This implies that Mobility Providers take on the role of Identity Management, collecting essential information from end-users in as simple of a way as possible.


User information is shared with Transportation Service Providers on an as-needed basis. The justification for accessing user information should be part of a data processing agreement made between the Mobility as a Service Provider and the Transportation Service Provider. The reasons for data sharing should be clearly communicated to the end-user (a.k.a. data subject).

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