MaaS Guide

Guidebook to help Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers.

One of the principle goals of the Mobility as a Service movement is to build a unified marketplace of transportation options, so that people can travel freely while experiencing a simple and consistent user experience.

It is the user oriented approach that distinguishes MaaS from other related concepts, such as multi-modality.


This guide is intended as a high-level overview of the key aspects needed to sustain a MaaS ecosystem. Each key concept is outlined on 1-2 pages, in plain language with links for further reading.

Intended audience

This book is intended for stakeholders in transportation and MaaS providers. It offers a conceptual and practical framework that can be shared by managers, planners, developers, and even end users of transportation and mobility services.


This work is provided by the MaaS Alliance, a public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to MaaS, unlocking the economies of scale needed for successful implementation and take-up of MaaS in Europe and beyond. MaaS Guidebook is built and maintained on voluntary basis by MaaS Alliance's working group Technology and standards. The Guidebook is currently in very early phase.

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