Bookings represent an agreement between a Transportation Service Provider and a passenger. The booking confirms the vehicle availablility of a transportation service and the passenger payment to reserve access to the vehicle. Bookings are typically represented in the form of a ticket, whether physical or digital, but are distinct from the ticket itself.

Booking options

When planning a trip, there may be multiple options that would deliver a passenger to their destination. As such, it is important that the TSP provide access to booking options via a programmatic API. In turn, MaaS providers display booking options to the end-user, allowing them to select the option(s) that best fit their needs and preferences.

Booking actions

In addition to knowing what booking options are available, MaaS providers need to create and manage bookings on behalf of passengers. This includes the need to

  • create bookings,
  • read details about existing bookings,
  • update booking details, and, in some cases,
  • cancel bookings.

Further reading

  • MaaS TSP APIs: Bookings - specification describing Bookings API endpoints and data structures

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